Wednesday, October 30, 2013

We made it!

After 12 hours of travel and several delays, traffic , almost dying a few times on the 10 and the 2010, due to total JERKS- I mean, I live in NY, and people there are nuts, but wow, I was appalled....So much so, I gave him a very "friendly" hand sign to let him know just how much I "appreciated" his lack of ability to follow simple traffic laws...We finally made it to the Hyw 330 to go up the mountain...Thankful Just in time, because 5 minutes after we showed up at my mom's they closed the road for like a couple hours...We totally got tailgated , even by a freaking police officer...ugh...and after all that out my son gets car sick...We finally made it safe and sound...Have been resting most of the day today, trying to get the jet lag out of our systems.....I am sooooooo happy to be here!! This is exactly what I needed right now...So healing to be with family...

Here are a few random snapshots....

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