Tuesday, August 11, 2015

We adopted!!

We "adopted" this week...

A batch of embryos!!

We decided earlier this year to look into embryo donation/adoption.... Instantly, we felt that was the "right" decision for us... However, we decided to look into ALL other options again before we went forward.... We ALMOST did IVF with donor sperm (which would also bypass the HLA issues) but after further discussion with my husband we BOTH felt donor embryo/embryo adoption was the best possible option for us to result in a take home baby. And, after further discussion with Dr. Braverman (our old Reproductive immunologist) he agreed that it was the choice that offered the most chance of success...

After all of that, we had to decide on which clinic/program we wanted to use. For those who do not know (which will be a vast majority of you), you can obtain donated embryos through various methods. There are agencies, like Miracles waiting who will help match you with a donating family, based on yours and their search preferences. Then there are self matching sites like the NRFA, where you can add a profile and do your own matching, as well as various online group sites that offer the ability to privately match. Then there are the clinics who use  anonymous donated embryos (meaning you wont ever meet to contact the donating parents) and you use that clinic for the transfer etc... There is ALSO what they call double donor embryos, where they use donated sperm and eggs to make a embryo for you.

We chose to use a anonymous clinic program. I was between my local clinic and one in NV... After some dealing with the local clinic, we decided to use the one in Nevada, and I am SO glad we did!! They are awesome, and you get way more for your money! So after choose the clinic, we had to become "patients"  VIA a phone consult. After that we were given the list of embryos, and got to choose. After narrowing down our choices to 3, we had a follow up phone consult to go over each batch and decide on one.... And we did!!!  Then it was sign and notarize some forms and now...

I'm pleased to announce we are now the proud parents of a batch of snowflakes!!!!

We are hoping to cycle in October!! We will be transferring two 5 day embryos and then, praying like crazy!!!

FINALLY, after nearly 5 years, we have a viable, feasible option that offers a decent chance at a take home baby!! SO excited for this fall!!