Monday, October 21, 2013

Day 21- Honor-

well, I'd like to think that the fact that I/we have been blessed with as many sweet angels to begin with, even if we never got to bring them home or hold them in our arms and sing sweet lullaby's, is quite an honor in it self...

All the things I have (physically, emotionally, spiritually) gone through over the last 3 years, and despite it all, I am still alive, and still standing... That is a honor...To be able to say "I survived" is a honor...To help another grieving mommy, knowing you know full well "what it is like" is a honor...To be the one that helps wipe away the tears and supports another, without a word said, cause NO words can soothe the soul of a mother who has lost her baby... To carry on the legacy of our angels, as we band together, worlds apart, but bound by the bond of the loss of our babies...That is a honor...To be a mommy to angels is a honor....Not one I take lightly....

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