Tuesday, October 29, 2013

On our way!

I am trying this from 36,000 feet in the sky, via southwest wifi! We are on our way to California! We were up at 4 am, to get the last minute things packed, choke a cup of coffee down, and then head to the airport 2 hours early to get all settled and through security checkpoint etc...We left Albany, NY at 8:15 am, and the flight is about 5 hours and 45mins long, after which we will land in Las Vegas, NV, for a 2 hour layover, then hop on a quick flight (55 mins long) to Ontario California!

Once we get our bags we will head over for our rent a car- then drive up to the place I grew up...The lovely mountains of San Bernardino California, in the town of running springs ( big bear, lake arrowhead area)...I CANNOT WAIT, to drive up highway 330, and peer down at the city below ...It is so majestic up there!

For now, not much new, just traveling easy... Will update once we get there and settled! =)


  1. Woo hoo! You're on my coast now. Have a great trip.

  2. Ah love Cali! Enjoy yourselves!

  3. Safe travels and have a great time! I haven't seen that part of CA, but I've heard it's beautiful!


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