Monday, October 21, 2013

Day 20- Hope-

My hope is that ONE day, infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss will not be so "taboo" to speak about...And that ONE day, women can get tested and treated for the disease that infertility is, like they DESERVE, and go on to have the family they desire and have every right to have....I hope that women who have to "join this club" in the future, will not have to struggle to get help from DR's and family...I Hope that the hell we are raising now, and the awareness that is being brought to light in the last 2 to 4 years, will pay off, and those that come after us, will not have such a difficult time justifying the need to grieve on their own time, or the need for testing and treatment, and would not have to bare the cost so heavily on their own...I have SO many, many hopes...But the ONE big one...I hope someone, ANYONE will learn or glean something from our journey....That OUR pain, and grief, and hardships, would in some way, make it easier for someone else to get the help and diagnosis and treatment and finally the family they so deserve....

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