Friday, September 21, 2012

That was FAST!

I was expecting this cycle to bee pretty funky due to the ectopic, and lingering HCG. I assumed I would not O at all, or at the very least, have a very delayed O date. Not once did I expect to ovulate the day after my HCG reached neg.

So, on CD 9, I  ran out of HPT's and began to use OPK's to see if I could see the decline in HCG with those, since they can detect LH and HCG in higher amounts. The OPK on CD 11 was still very much positive ( line darker than the control line) , and I assumed we had some time left before I was going to be at baseline for HCG levels. ( beta was 47 the day before CD 9) The next day, my OPK was still positive, but a bit lighter...I stopped testing, and decided to wait for the next beta.

So CD 14 comes along, and I go for my beta, and while I am waiting for a call back, I decided to OPK again, and it was still VERY much positive, even a little darker than on CD 9and 10. I thought for a while, that my levels were still increasing and I might need another metho inject...About a hour later, I got the call...HCG was neg. The positive OPK had me a bit baffled...So I tested again the following day, and got another +, followed by some EWCM. I figured I was just going to have some fluky opks, and temps due to the loss so I still j=kind of brushed it off...

Well, here I sit, with cross hairs, at 3 dpo! I am floored! Not only did I ovulate, but I ovulated early in a loss cycle and with NO meds! I am lucky to get a CD 16 O day on femara, so this took me by surprise!

I am glad to see my body is already back on track, despite the loss, and hopefully it stays on this track from here on out! I could get used to CD 15 O days! I am also super happy I did not have to deal with a hellish annov cycle on top of everything else we have had to deal with. Too bad we have to waste the eggy and cannot try this cycle...

Onward and upwards I suppose....

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  1. That is so great your body has bounced back so quickly. That awesome!! yay!!!


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