Friday, September 28, 2012

HSG scheduled!

I called in today, to let the office know I had started a new cycle. I wanted to wait another day or so, just to be sure the bleeding stayed consistent with a regular AF before I called in. Anyway, I called in and let them know, and that I had been speaking with the RE via the portal, in messages, and he suggested a HSG to check my tubes again after the recent  ectopics. So, they took some info and sent me over the scheduling, and I booked my date- and they sent in a RX for my 3 days antibiotic course to start the day before the procedure.

I will go  in next wed, October 3rd, at 11 am. It worked out perfect, as my DH had the day off and can even drive me down and take me if I want him to. I will probably go on my own through, as I have already had this done before, and it was not nearly as painful as I imagined it would be. In fact it was a similar to the pain you feel with a pap, mixed with a little AF cramps. Nothing severe at all. This test will be able to tell us what the integrity of my tubes inside are. The last time I had this, back in Jul11' both tubes were open and clear. That is what we are hoping for this time as well! There is also a increase risk of pregnancy after a HSG for whatever reason, for the 3 months following the procedure, so, this, in combination with the immune testing/immune protocol in the following cycles, will hopefully give us a shot at a take home baby!


  1. Good luck!! Hoping for great results with the HSG followed by some good months of nice cleared up "gear" for baby dancing. I'm sure this will lead to your sticky BFP!!

  2. Glad you'll get to make sure everything's nice and open with the HSG. May as well "clean out the gutters" just in case. :) I also have heard many success stories following HSG, so I hope that is the case for you too!


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