Thursday, September 6, 2012

Interesting thoughts-

I read THIS ARTICLE today- And it got me thinking...

I am one of those "super fertile" I suppose, since I get pregnant so easily....But lose them often. Granted I have had one loss where we know nothing was wrong ( my 19 week loss) but none of the others have been tested. I think this thought process may actually hold true in my case- Maybe all the extra supplements and craziness is making my body too receptive and there fore I am just getting preg and m/c' the fertilized eggs that normally would not stick and result in a BFN cycle....But Instead, mine implant just long enough to trigger the early pregnancy tests for a few days and screw up my cycle and, raise false hope....who knows, maybe this holds true with the other losses that progressed further as well ( the ones that made it to close to 6 weeks) Though, they looked really good in testes and such, my body rejected it after so many days usually around some kind of flare up which makes me think immune related...But I wont ever really know till I fork out another 6 grand to get all that crap done and 3 grand more for treatment that may or may not work.... I wonder what, if anything my RE will think about this article . Hey, maybe if I stop doing all the right things and  do all the bad things I will get pregnant with a healthy baby like the crack heads!( kidding)

Anyway- food for thought for the RPL community- 

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  1. Thank u for sharing this article its totally food for thought!


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