Sunday, September 2, 2012

No real progression....

Tests are not progressing- wondfo's are still light- and Answer early was positive, but barely, as in I had to tilt it and squint to see the line...Not Good considering I had a + a couple days ago, and I am 14 dpo.
I am leaning towards stopping my progesterone and letting go of this cycle. There is no way this is viable...I am just praying it is NOT another ectopic like the one June....Strangely enough I feel ok about it all...Indifferent really. That of course, could change in the blink of an eye...
Like I always say- We will see what tomorrow brings.

Edited to add a pic from this afternoon of one of my strips-

Just after I pulled up the page to edit and to insert the pic- I went to the bathroom to find bright red spotting...Now I am cramping super bad- Pretty sure the hag will be here to make me miserable tomorrow...
I just pray this is not ectopic and my HCG does not keep rising so I wont need the metho inject again!!


  1. Just letting you know that you have an amazing group of ladies praying for you in Bama..I hope you don't mind, but I shared a little of your story with my Sunday school class this morning..I hope that the Grace of God is just showered over you today and everyday!

    1. awww this just made me tear up- Thank you so very much- and I do not mind one little BIT! any extra prayers are so very appreciated!!!! <3


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