Monday, September 10, 2012

Follow up beta results...

I went for a second beta yesterday afternoon to figure out what is going on, and have been waiting all morning for results. I periodically check the portal too, since they update it with all lab and test results. So I checked and there they were...
Beta: 37
Progesterone: 0.98

They still have not called me yet to give me a plan of action, I am assuming they are talking to the RE and other DR's to get a game plan and review my file etc...I am not sure what to expect...I am just totally wiped out emotionally. I will update when I know what we are going to do,


  1. How many DPO are you? Do you think it's eptopic? If I remember right your numbers went up slightly from last beta but not nearly enough :( So sorry you are going through this again!

  2. I am sorry this has been such an exhausting crazy couple of weeks for you. It is not a fun spot to be in, and you have been through it enough already. I don't blame you for feeling tired and just wanting this to be over. Please do update us. I am one of those "prayer people" and you will definitely be in mine. ((HUGS)) to you Megz


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