Thursday, September 13, 2012

My game plan...

So I decided to give myself some goals and things to focus on while I recover from this last loss/ectopic. I will have to wait at least 3 months before we can try again, and let the effects of the methotrexate leave my body, and build up my folic acid levels again. 

My plan:

I am going to go back to my sugar/gluten free/semi paleo diet. I am going to cut out all caffeine (slowly over the next month) And, also starting working out 5 times a week or more. I plan to use a workout series such as Insanity or P90x. My goal is to lose 30- 50 lbs in the next 6 months. I also plan to start taking my old holistic remedies, like maca, red raspberry leaf and red clover, as  a fertility tonic. I plan to add in doing my castor oil packs, 5x a week consecutively, with two days rest. I also decided to really give taking serrapeptase a try. For those who do not know what serrapeptase is, I will give you a little run down on this nifty little enzyme.

Discovered in the early 1970’s, this proteolytic enzyme was isolated from the Serratia species of bacteria located in the intestines of silkworms. Serrapeptase, also called serratiopeptidase, is truly a superior enzyme that provides strong anti-inflammatory properties. Today Serrapeptase is used all over Europe and Asia in clinical settings and is used as a viable alternative to ibuprofen and NSAIDs. It has the ability to break down non-living tissue in the body.

Serrapeptase is perhaps one of the world’s most exciting enzymes being studied in regard to its wide variety of clinical applications. Currently, especially in Europe and Asia, it is clinically used for anti-inflammatory conditions such as atherosclerosis, arthritis, fibrocystic breast disease and carpal tunnel syndrome. One of the most well-known proponents for this enzyme was the German physician, Dr. Hans Nieper. He had great success supplementing with serrapeptase for the reduction of heart disease and arterial blockage in his patients.

How does it work?

Serrapeptase is an immunologically active enzyme. It can bind itself to the alpha 2 macroglobulin in our plasma where it is shielded from the immune system while retaining its enzymatic activity, and in this way it is transferred to the sites where it is needed in the body. It is this same type of powerful yet specific action that allows silkworms to eat its own protective cocoon, digest it without any side effects and fly away. Amazingly, serrapeptase has the distinct ability to digest only non-living tissue allowing the old toxic layers that clog the digestive system and the lining of our arteries to dissolve. This is one reason why its so good at keeping arterial deposits from building up after heart surgery.

Some of the benefits of serrapeptase-

Some of the reported health benefits of the serrapeptase enzyme include:
  • Atherosclerosis: Dr. Nieper found that Serrapeptase could dissolve blood clots and reduce varicose veins. Other studies from Germany have found that serrapeptase could effectively remove atherosclerotic plaque without hurting any of the healthy cells along the arterial wall.
  • Chronic Inflammation: Multiple studies confirm its anti-inflammatory properties, and it has been used for this reason in the reduction of chronic sinusitis and other chronic or acute inflammatory conditions.
  • Helps with Traumatic Injuries: Serrapeptase is widely used in Europe as a supplement for traumatic injury (such as sprains and torn ligaments), as well as the inflammation associated with post-surgical patients.
  • Pain, Edema and Swelling: Serrapeptase has been approved as a standard remedy in many European countries for inflammation and swelling. A double-blind German study on the enzyme found that it could reduce swelling by up 50% in post-operative patients. Patients taking serrapeptase experienced statistically significant less pain than the control groups and, by the 10th day of the study, all patients taking the serrapeptase were completely pain free. [3,5,6,7]
  • Helps with Cystic Breast Disease: In a double-blind study, Serrapeptase was found to reduce breast pain, breast swelling and induration in 85.7% of the patients taking the supplement. This is related to the fact that the enzyme possesses fibrinolytic, proteolytic and anti-edemic properties. [2]
  • Helps Infections in the Ear, Nose and Throat: In one double-blind study, patients with acute or chronic ear, nose or throat diseases found significant symptom regression with Serrapeptase. The enzyme is able to reduce the viscosity of mucous, thus facilitating drainage. [4]
  • Helps with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Recent studies confirm the use of this anti-inflammatory enzyme for the reduction of symptoms associated with carpal tunnel syndrome. [2]
Neat right??

My Mother decided to give it a try after I sent her a few links with info in it- She has a variety of issues that serrapeptase could help with, so she gave it a shot...She has noted remarkable changes in all areas on her body and health since taking it 60 days ago....One very evident change was that of a cyst that had developed on her wrist a few years ago. She went on to have it surgically removed, and it grew back not long after...So She started taking the enzyme, and in 60 days it has gone from about the size of a half dollar to the size of maybe a pea....Not only that, but she feels less over all pain in her body and previous surgical sites and less arthritic pain...She is SOLD, and a true believer in this stuff....

So, I decided why not give it a try in regards to my Fallopian tubes and possible blockage. I think this, combined with my other herbal tonics, total body cleansing and castor oil packs will at  least give me a little  boost, and hopefully by the time I have a repeat HSG to check my tubes, they are in good working order, and cleared out!


It never did to help my fallopian tube's function appropriately, but that was mostly due to inflammation from allo immune disorders.  I've since found serrapeptase to be more bennificial when combined with other enzymes. If you would like further information please email me at


  1. I am on the wagon with you! It is always a good idea to have a buddy as motivation..just bought an elliptical machine and I am soooo sore..I told my hubby this morning that my butt is even hurting haha!. My mother-in-law has been gluten-free for a few months and she is amazed at how much better she feels. I need to give up caffeine, too. But for the health and well being of everyone around me, I won't try to tackle that at this time! I am rooting for you, chicka, and as always praying.

  2. I have been following your posts over the last several weeks and I am so sorry that you are having to deal with this crap again. Not fair. Sounds like you have a great plan in place for the next few months, though. I hope it makes the time go by fast. One thing I might also recommend to you would be a CoQ10 supplement for both you and your husband. It helps improve both egg and sperm quality. I took it for 3 months after my 3rd miscarriage and it seems to have helped us out. My doctor and infertility counselor both recommended it to me. It is also recommended in the book, "Making Babies- A Proven 3-Month Program for Maximum Fertility" (I also highly recommend the book!). I did a ton of my own research though (always consulting Dr. Google). Best of luck to you. You are one strong and courageous woman!

    1. Thanks for the support! I have actually been taking co-Q10 for 2 years now. It was on of the first supplements I started to take along with vit D3.

  3. Thanks everyone for the support and prayers...I can't wait for the day when I get to share good news...

    1. Hi, well its a old post.
      But I would like to know whether serrapeptase worked for you? Were you able to conceive naturally?
      I have just found about serrapeptase. I have bilateral fimbrial blockage due to an infection.
      I was about to begin an ivf cycle but postponed it as I want to give serrapeptase a chance. Can you advice me more?

    2. I did do the serrapeptase and I went on to have three more ectopics - it did not work for me// and messing with anything around your Fambrough can be very difficult to do- I don't think it will hurt trying to naturally a couple of months with it but I would recommend going straight to IVF. Just my two cents- if we had gone right to IVF and not wasted so much money trying other procedures we may have been able to actually have a baby- but hindsight is always 2020

  4. Hey, thanks for your reply.
    Just checked it today.
    I do plan to take serrapeptase for another month and will go for ivf, if it doesn't works


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