Thursday, September 6, 2012

Beta results-

I went in for my CD3 labs work today. They tagged on a HCG and progesterone draw as well.
I got a call back about 45 mins ago with my HCG results. They don't have the rest back ( I only went to the lab 2 and a half hours ago- they had to send the rest of the blood samples to the main hospital for testing). But should by the end of the day or tomorrow. I can access the portal and look for it later too. Anyway...

My HCG was 9 this morning. At this point we do not know what my numbers are doing- So I go for a repeat on Sunday- With results Monday. My tests even seem a smidge darker...( not tweaked)
Here are my First morning, second morning and 4th morning urine tests, to correspond with my beta. Although this lab seems to run a few numbers under other machines. I once had a beta done at this lab, and then one done a hour later at a different one, and the other lab was a few points higher than the one I go to now...So, maybe it could be like 14?  Maybe. But regardless...Here are the tests...
I am praying like crazy that the numbers drop on their own and I do NOT need a metho shot again! I Just cannot imagine having to do that all over again!!In the mean time, I have more wondfo's to use to monitor my lines...I am bleeding like crazy...I feel like crap.  This sucks...

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  1. Drop numbers drop! Hoping you get the results you're aiming for and that the bleeding lets up some. Sorry you are having a crappy week girl. I know how that feels, and just know you are not alone. Keep your head up! You will get through this!


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