Thursday, January 3, 2013

Trucking along...

Here on CD 7...Two more days of Femara to go! I cannot wait to get this show on the road and start BD! 

We are going to CATCH this eggy (or two?), and it is going to STICK, in the RIGHT PLACE, and we are going to bring HOME a BABY at the end!

  ::channels the positive thinking part of brain and repeats said positive sentence over and over::

OK. Got that off my chest....

Nothing else really going on...Just waiting to hear back from RE office about intralipid infusion appt date, and  a bump in metformin dose. OH, and I also asked for a RX for L-methylfolate  since it canot do anything but HELP me, since it is just vitamins( b6,b12 and folate)  in a more bio available form...we will see what they say...Other than that, just waiting the days out...This is the boring part of my cycle...=/

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