Friday, January 18, 2013

I did it!!!! I did it!!!!

OK- so I picked up my PIO Rx, and have been kind of staring at it for the last half hour...Finally, I got the guts to draw up the oil and prep myself for the inject...I sat a few more mins, looking at the needle (The Pharmacy only had 21 G 1 1/2 needles)...I just sat, and stared at it......Finally, I just said, "screw it"...:Poke:...15 seconds to inject the oil and that was that...It was sooooo NOT bad at all!! I was all worried for nothing! Anyway, just had to share that, for anyone else who may have the "pleasure" of having to give PIO injects...Totally easy! I feel all proud of myself now! LOL

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