Thursday, January 24, 2013

Curse you mail man!

UGH- I have been waiting on pins and needles alllllllllllll darn day for my tests to get here that I ordered on Ebay, (the cassette tests, I posted a pic of, they rock and are wayyyy more sensitive than even first response) in the mail...Tracking number said it would be here...Mail came and went...No tests....=/

I have tested a few times today with various tests, and have been seeing squinter's/light lines, ( suuuppper faint line on first response this morning) but nothing definitive that I would call progression ( compared to yesterday)...BUT then again I have not been staying consistent with testing times/test brands either ( I did for the trigger, I tested morning noon and night, just to see if concentration differed, but I have been just peeing at random times since the trigger "left") And I don't have any more of the tests I had picked up the "surge" in darkness with till I get my shipment tomorrow...grrrrr....

...I really wanted a blaring bright pink line today, even though I know the chances of that are slim at 9 dpo...LOL...I just hate limbo...BUT, I do it to myself testing early, and testing out a trigger... I have no one to blame but myself.....

So for those of you are are wondering how goes it..

I am hanging in there...Not really sure If I am going to call this a BFP yet...I may even take the + tests off  my chart, just till I know for sure...I would hate to think this was the trigger just messing with me and I got excited for nothing.....Either way, I am putting away the pee sticks, at least for today, and trying to focus on something else...Hopefully tomorrow I will see a clearer picture of what is going on...

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