Tuesday, January 22, 2013

7 dpo...

Just over half way through the TWW...

I am going craaazzzzyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

So I thought the trigger was gone, but curiosity got the best of me and I tested last night just to "see" what was going on...And I got a line that was slightly darker than the last test I did for testing out my trigger...I got a bit excited...Woke up this morning, and still saw a squinter, but nothing definitive or darker...Pretty sure it is just the trigger being silly...That is what I get for giving in to the POAS madness...LOL...Of course NOW, I will "have" to test later today just to "see" again, and be consistent with testing times, since the slightly darker test yesterday was done in the evening...Oh lord help me...Why do I do this to myself...=/

Chart is still looking great...I had a tiny dip today, but nothing major, I think it was due to the secondary estrogen surge, cause I also felt pretty wet in there when I did my CP/CM check...So that could account for the little temp dip.

I am feeling a little "blue" today, for no real reason...I mean, I know we have some great chances and all, and yesterday I was like totally elated and sure that we would catch a eggy, and today, I woke up in this "ehh, whatever, why get excited" kinda mood...Bleh, I hate being so back and forth emotionally! I am going to try reallllllyyyy HARD to break out of the blues, and keep thinking positive...

**I declare that I am PUPO (pregnant until proven otherwise)  And I WILL get a take home baby this cycle!!!**

Ok, so not quite feeling positve yet...

*repeats the above declaration*

Ok...A little better...::sigh::

Is is 12 dpo yet!??


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