Wednesday, January 30, 2013


 Just got off the phone with my RE....They are willing to do all immune testing I need through reprosource!!

  In the past, they ( my local RE office)  were unwilling to do the tests and what not, because they "did not know how to read them"...I was like whatever, and I just let it go, since they offered me intralipids/pred,  without testing....  But, This time, I did not ASK, I stated, and I explained I am going to be seeing Braverman soon, (in light of the last two failed intralipid cycles), but would like the blood work done for the immune panel, so that I have results for my first appt with him,( Braverman) instead of having to go to my first appt, then get the RX for the labs, have to wait 6 weeks, THEN make another appt to go over results...They totally said YES, and will be doing whatever tests they can do in the office lab, and sending the rest of the samples out to reprosource for me! 

This is a good step for me...Although, I do have known immune issues, (Hashimoto's disease etc), I have yet to have the FULL panel drawn on me to really get a BIG picture of what is going on with the immune system and my losses.  I held off on the testing a bit, because my RE was willing to treat my immune/loss issues empirically, with the use of prednisone/intralipids/lovenox etc, and I just assumed  it would WORK, and we would not even need to see Braverman for the battery of tests because we would be pregnant with a keeper....But, that is the way to cookie crumbles I guess....

I am walking into this, knowing, that  if my issues are more advanced than we had thought/are thinking, I know that our ability to actually carry out any treatments for said issues will be limited due to financial strain. But, I really just want to KNOW for sure, what is going on, and what is available to help it, outside of what we have already tried. I want to have a game plan, even if we wont be able to put it in action for a time, while we save if need be. I want to know what I can do naturally, and to specifically target the things that need to be addressed in ME, personally, with diet and supps, and lifestyle change if need be. 

So, as of now, I am waiting on my period to show, and then on cycle day 3, I will go in for a baseline hormone panel, and the rest of the immune testing, that will eventually be sent over to Dr. B so we can get things moving with an appt in NYC.

Here is a list of the tests that will be done for the immune testing.

1.       Natural Killer Assay
2.       HLA-DQ alpha
3.       CD3 (Pan T cells)
4.       CD3- (T -helper cells)
5.       CD8 (T-cytotoxic supressors)
6.       CD19 (B cells)
7.       CD56/CD 16 + NK cells
8.       CD 56+ NK cells
9.       CD3/IL-2R+ cells
10.   CD19+/5+ (B-1 cells)
11.   ANA
12.   Anti DNA/histone antibodies
13.   APA
14.   Th1/Th2
15.   TNF-a  IL 10- ( CD3+CD4+)
16.   IFN-g IL10- ( CD3+CD4+)
17.   Anti thyroid antibodies
18.   Leukocyte antibody detection
19.   LAC

I am not sure what will come of all of this, but I am at least putting one foot in front of the other, and carrying on...No giving up here...

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