Saturday, January 19, 2013

6 days past trig- 4DPO

Woke up this morning to another temp rise...They just keep going up, up, up! I also woke to some intense progesterone symptoms,( nausea, cramping, sore boobs etc) and a sore butt from yesterday's PIO inject. LOL.

I tested this morning to see where the trigger is at, and it is def still there. It is getting lighter and lighter, but it is still hanging out- Hopefully will be gone totally in a couple days, then I can take a break from testing for a day or so, before I go all nutty testing for "real" around 10 DPO. 

Here is a peek at my pretty chart!
Here is a overlay of this cycle and one of my past BFP cycles (one of the more successful ones)
And here is a pic of my trigger progression.

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