Friday, January 18, 2013

5DPTrig- 3DPO

Just a quick update...

I start my PIO ( progesterone in oil injects) this evening! Eeeekk! I am a little nervous about that BIG huge needle going in my ass...BUT, a girl's gotta do what a girls gotta do!

I have been on my prometrium for the last couple days, and between that and the HCG trigger, I have had some mean "symptoms"... BUT it is all for a good cause ( I hope!)...My temp was up again this morning, and my chart is looking fantastic! And my trigger was a bit lighter again this morning..I would say another two days and I should have totally neg tests...Then we just wait for the REAL thing to show up!...Now, on to more waiting...I wish there was a fast forward button for the TWW!


  1. What is the difference between the PIO and prometrium and why would you need both vs just one or the other?

    1. That is a topic of debate among many, many RE's.It boils down to DR's preference really, and the person/patient. Some ladies find they respond better to PIO, or some to Prometrium, and some The crione gel...My DR usually just gives prometrium unless you are doing IVF- BUT, because of my unique loss history, and the knowledge of progesterone also being a great immune suppressant for NK cells, they decided to give me a ULTRA boost and add in 50 mgs of PIO on top of the 800 mgs of prometrium 3x a day. I can def tell there is a difference, cause I am sooooo like to think it is cause I am pregnant...BUT,I am trying to stay grounded and hopeful...delicate balance. LOL


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