Wednesday, January 9, 2013

slight change in plans...

I had my intralipid appt this morning- It went smooth like last time, just chilled out and ate a snack and played on my kindle!  I had them do a PCOS panel, and added basline hormones(FSH,LH,E2, etc) and they did a u/s to see where I am at follicle wise while I was in there...Why not right?...

 Ultrasound showed 3  follices on my right ovary. One at 15mm, one at 13mm and one at 14mm. The left was quiet. I have not heard back on all the blood tests yet, but my E2 was pretty low, could be from femara though...Everything else looked okay...They decided to have me come back Fri, to see where the follies  are at with bloods and u/s.  If all goes well, and follicles mature and E2 goes up accordingly, then we will trigger, sometimes this weekend I am assuming.... Yay!!  What a pleasant surprise! They ordered me a 10,000 iu trigger from a mail order pharm, so I should have it by Friday, and will probably trigger then, or sat, depending on what the tests show...We are giving it all we got this cycle!! I sure hope things work out and I can trigger still even with the lower E2...We will see what Friday brings! =)


  1. How exciting! Hoping for good news with your blood test and Fri appt.


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