Sunday, January 20, 2013

Trigger is gone!

I took my tests this morning and my Wondfo strips were neg this morning ( at 7 days past trigger)! Yay! So looks like from here on out I can take a break from the testing and just relax and wait for the real thing to come back!!

I am feeling great about this month! My temps are great, my progesterone is kickin in high gear ( I can tell by the sore boobs and bloating! ick!) and I am just feeling all sorts of hopeful! I even brought out the baby outfit  bought two years ago, that I have had shoved into my dresser, and sat it next to my vision board...Things I totally would not do even just a couple weeks ago...I have to admit I am kind of liking this "hopeful like it is the first cycle trying" mood I have been in....


  1. Love that you have a vision board and are open to feeling the love again this cycle! Fingers crossed for you lady!!

  2. Fingers crossed and prayers going up girl. You're a wonderful lady and I hope you get that take home healthy baby! xoxoxox

  3. You deserve that take home baby honey and I hope and pray this is it. Fingers crossed and prayers going up for you! <3 Amy


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