Saturday, January 5, 2013

Better today...

I am feeling a tad better today...Still a bit emotionally exhausted, and physically recovering from the flu I had last week....And, still dealing with side effects from meds...BUT I think things are taking a turn for the better...Whew! Yesterday was really hard for some reason...I could not make sense of it, or stop myself form digging my self deeper in that nasty dark hole of Blah'ness-

Today is a new day! Thank goodness for that!

I have been cleaning, and organizing...It feels good! I love, how after it is all done, and I can sit back and look around at my clean super sparkly house, and just go "ahhhhh...all done!"...It never lasts long...LOL...But it is NICE!

On the TTC side of things:
OPK's are neg...We have been doing well with keeping the every other day BD schedule going...I set my appt for my intralipid infusion for this coming Wed, and have all my meds for after O ready and filled, and set to go...Now we just wait for the eggy to drop! I am guessing around CD 15/16. I hope anyway...

That is it for now...Just trying to make it moment to moment, and survive this cycle!! Lord help me!

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  1. Sometimes there is NOTHING better than a nice clean house...having all that perfect BD timing is always nice too. :) Glad to see you in good spirits!


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