Thursday, January 31, 2013

All set!

I called reprosource and touched bases with them about the labs. They are sending over my kit of tubes to the RE office, (some of the tubes need to be one dry ice etc) and I have an appt set for Wed morning at 9:30 am, for blood work. I had to change the date to wed, instead of doing it when ever my CD 3 labs fell, because DH needs to be off works, and needs to be with me, to have a few vials drawn of his blood as well for some of the tests. I believe she said 6 vials? Anyway, while he is there, we are just going to do a sperm analysis while we are at it, and see where that stands...

I am waiting to hear back from a lady at reprosource about my insurance and what will be covered and not covered etc...Hopefully in the next day or so, I have confirmation about some of that. But for now, we are on our way to full on immune testing! I really hope this sheds some new light into my situation, and gives us a better shot at a plan for the future...

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  1. I hope you get some answers that can shed some new light on the situation. Testing is always "work" but if it gives you new info. it's definitely worth it!


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