Monday, January 28, 2013

That was fast...

I got my results....

Beta was 3 (technically neg if it is under 5, but my "personal" baseline is always less than 1 on every baseline draw)..RE nurse said it was likely a chemical, as the trigger would not have been in my system this long, and my tests were positive the last couple days, (progressed well from 10dpo- 11 dpo) though, I will say, yesterday (12dpo) it did start to get lighter, I was hoping and praying it was just urine concentration, but I knew in my heart....Anyway, I am to call in with my period for CD 3 labs just to be sure everything goes to baseline totally, and my E2 does not stay elevated from a lingering corpus luteum, throwing off the next cycle...:ugh:

I was really hoping to meet my Feb angel baby EDD with a BFP, but it looks like I will be drowning in wine and dealing with a visit from AF...


  1. Ugh, I hate this! It's so not fair :( ((hugs))

  2. I'm so sorry!! I'm waiting on AF to start IUI so ill be right here with you. Good luck!

  3. Oh girl, I am so sorry. This is awful news. xoxox Sending you big hugs and lots of prayers your way

  4. Frack! I was really hoping you could stop the madness and that this was your cycle for a sticky bean! I'm so sorry.


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