Sunday, January 13, 2013

Triggered today!

That was easy!

   I sat there and stared at the meds/needles for a few mins...Just kind of nervous...I have triggered before, but the last time it was a prefilled, ovidrel inject. This time, they had me do a 10,000 unit trigger this time, and I had to use the special water, and draw it up, then shoot it in the vial with the HCG powder, swirl around, till it dissolved, then draw that up with the needle, had to make sure all the bubbles were out...
   Then, I took a two inch section of my belly fat, pinched, and stuck myself, injected, and  bam, done! Not as bad as I made it out to be in my head...I was honestly more worried about shooting the meds out or spilling etc...LOL...

3 hours after trigger, I was already getting a faint line on the HPT strip...So, it is  working it's way through my system... Now, we just have to BD as much as we can the next 3 days or so...And pray for the very best!

I am planning on testing out my trigger...I may not do it every day, but I will have a little progression to show in a couple days...Hopefully, it fades out nice and early and then comes back in nice and strong indicating a REAL BFP...Keeping positive, thinking good thoughts, and praying as much as possible! Here we go!

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