Thursday, May 17, 2012

Triggered today!! we go. Triggered this morning...Now, we BD like crazy for the next few days and pray for the best...For those wondering, I am not doing an IUI, Just timed intercourse and, we are just using the trigger to be sure the follies release at an appropriate time ( my surge tends to be rather sluggish so my mature follies sit there a bit longer than desired) and also provide some  support for the early part of the luteal phase, in hopes to prepare my body for a really good implantation should conception occur. As many of you know, I seem to GET pregnant fine, but staying that way is a struggle and we have NO idea why, so my RE is kind of throwing a bunch of stuff my way in a "can't hurt might help" mind frame...I am willing to give pretty much anything that is financially feasible a try.

I will be testing out my trigger as long as I can...I will be leaving town next weekend for a camping trip, and will not be bringing my HPT's with me,,,can you imagine..,POAS in a outhouse!?? hahahahaha.... anyway...I hope the ovidrel is out by like 7/8 dpo...That way when I get home around 10/11 dpo or so, then I should get a good strong + if indeed it worked!

I already POAS this morning with a cheapie and got a super faint line, so It is already starting to work into my system just a couple hours post trigger. I am thinking I need some more strips to use for this...LOL...I am running low..I planned on not  testing the trigger out, but...I can't  help it...I love to see those two pink lines, even if I know they are not "real"...LOL...

stay tuned for more updates.

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