Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Got my trigger!!

It came in the mail today!! whohooo!!! This cycle I will trigger with a 250mcg ovidrel  prefilled injection to "trigger" ovulation and it also helps with better luteal progesterone support.. I am hoping this in combo with the other new added meds will do the trick for us!! =)

The only think that has me a bit worried is DH and I are planning a family camp trip for memorial weekend...which will put me at 7/8/9 dpo or so...On one hand it could be GOOD to get away and NOT obsess over pee sticks and trigger progressions...On  the other hand...I am worried I am going to feel like POOP because of all the hormones! I debated not triggering this cycle and just seeing how things go with the lovenox and  super progesterone...BUT I figure, why not just go all out...Go big or Go home!

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