Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Accu today

Well, I think I may be shopping for a new acupuncturist... She was LATE ....AGAIN...

My First appt with her, she was 45 mins late ( for my consult) I gave her a second chance, and went for treatment, and it went well, she was there and on time. So today I get there and there is another lady sitting out front who had been there 30 mins waiting, and come to find out ( from the  lady who runs the salon next door) this happens often..And then se says to me, as she is placing the pins..." This NEVER  happens! I am so sorry!"

This is one of my BIG pet peeves...Especially if I am paying you 75 bucks for 45 mins...yea I was no thrilled....

So today begins the search for another acupuncturist...

Though, I do have to say, the herbs and accu has been working..I "feel" more activity and energy flowing so to speak, and I have more energy as well. I think some of it has  to do with the gluten free diet as well.  She said my pulse has improved, even in the last week, and  that my spleen chi seems to be a bit better as well. She placed many pins for PCOS and blood flow to the uterus and lining, and also some to stimulate for ovulation which will be coming up here soon. so all in all it was a ok appt, I am just not thrilled with the lack of professionalism people have these days...=/

In other news, I will be picking up the 100.00 worth of RX meds  from the pharmacy here in the next few days for this months cycle. Luckily, Lovenox has a generic brand, so hopefully that wont be too much but the endometrian is like 70 bucks! ick! This stuff gets to be expensive...Hopefully it will be worth it!

We have decided  to forego the HCG trigger and crazy meds this just BD when ever we feel like it. I will still OPK and chart. I plan to let the accu start working to it's fullest, as well as the Chinese herbs. I will also be taking this cycle and a learning cycle for the new meds, specifically the blood thinner injects. I know it wont be an issue...and Maybe, just  maybe we will catch a rainbow....We seem to have No issues actually getting pregnant, it is just the staying that way seems to be the problem...Hopefully a combo of everything will do the trick.

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