Wednesday, May 23, 2012

4 dpo-6days past trigger.

well, here we are...

4 dpo, and 6 days post trigger. The trigger is finally fading away, and I got my cross hairs yesterday! yay! Finally in that part of my cycle...The part where I start dreaming... I start hoping, and praying that this will be the "one"...That in 10 months, I will have a newborn to hold, and love and cuddle with. I try not to let myself go "there" too long...It starts to hurt after a while. I begin to think about how I "should" be holding my baby now...I should be posting 1 month baby pics on my facebook...I should be this and should be that...It never ends good once I go down that I try to stay dreaming...and stay hopeful...But It is so hard.

I face this battle inside myself....My soul cries out in desperation for this journey to be over.. My mind tells me to give up and be happy with what I have...My heart, it whispers to me, to keep trying, and keep hoping and keep believing...Keep trusting in God...So I listen to my heart. I keep going, and keep fighting, and keep trying. You can't have a rainbow without the rain...


Here is my CHART! It is looking pretty good despite the trigger, which from what I hear can mess temps up...I  did get a bit of a whacky temp the day after trigger, but since then they have followed the normal pattern they tend to go with in my non triggered cycles. FF did give me dotted cross hairs, so things are a little funky, but I still see a great shift so far!

Oh, and here is my trigger progression...The top is the first day of trigger, and the others are every day since then...I Hope it is gone totally by Friday, that way if I happen to take a few FRER with me when we go away (camping none the for the weekend, I will know it is not still the trigger =)

OK...wish me lots of luck and tons of sticky baby dust!! I sooooo want my Feb take home baby!!!!!

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