Friday, May 18, 2012

My Ovaries are on fire!

OUCH! O pains like crazy this month...And right on track. started up about 7/8 pm...just about 36 hours post trigger. I am stoked . I hope all this new stuff/meds  helps!! I really want my take home many ladies are having their babies... I see even more that are due when I "should have been"...It really hurts...Waiting stinks..
back to being positive...This cycle  will go perfect...We will catch a eggy or two,and have a baby or two in 10 months!!



  1. sometimes feeling those O pains can be such a good feeling and give such renewed hope. I am hoping that this trigger shot is what you need. I like how you explained it and what it may help you with in your other post

  2. Yes it IS reassuring!! I feel great about our BD coverage...Now we wait!


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