Friday, May 11, 2012

All SET!!!

I picked up my meds for this cycle...
78 bucks later...I am actually Blessed, it would have been at least 400-600 bucks had I not had decent insurance...Yikes!! The most expensive was the Edometrian, because there is no generic.

I thought it would be "fun" to show you all exactly what I am taking...LOL...

Here are all my regular vitamins and Chinese herbs, and my thyroid/metformin pills baby asprin and femara etc...

And here is my Luteal Phase meds...
Lovenox (generic) pre-filled injects (40mgs) 1 x a day
Endometrian- 3x a day vaginally
Prometrium 2x a day orally
Estrace 1x a day orally.

Yea....And this is NOTHING compared to those ladies dealing with IVF/Injects etc...Yikes...Medicated cycles are a whole new level of crazy...but whatever it takes to get that take home baby!!

So this is what I will be doing this cycle...I will also do the modified  Antihistamine protocol. ( not shown in pics)...So even more pills to pop!

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