Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Acupuncture and RE today

I saw the reproductive endo today...Told Him about the recent Chemical from this cycle.....He  put a note in my chart and went about the visit...
The rest  went OK I suppose. He of course pushed his special cleansing (insigniaX or something like that) stuff and IVF to me...But I made it clear again, I have no desire to pursue IVF, (for personal and financial reasons) and have done many cleanses over the years with good results, but not enough to make me believe I will get a take home baby from a bottle of herbs alone....I may break down and try the herb crap next month though if nothing happens. I think I need to let the Chinese herbs I will be starting work first and give them a full month or two before adding anything else....
We did agree on pumping up my progesterone supps in a effort to lower possible NK cells in the uterus and it quiets the immune response, so I will do two prometrium orally a day, and 3 endometrian caps a day vaginally.  We also agreed on doing levonox injections from Ovulation to AF or  continue  upon BFP. I was supposed to be starting femara This cycle to boost O a bit, and possibly a trigger but I decided to not take it since I still had + tests on CD  from the chemical...I will just give this natural cycle a go and see what we end up with....

I also had my first appt...It was sooooooo relaxing....I  needed it so very much...I took some time to pray while laying there, and think positive things about my body, and everything working right and in one accord...She also have me some Chinese herbs for PCOS to help get things working right. I go every 10 days or so...I hope this helps all the other added things I am trying this month! Today is a NEW day...I need to focus on now and not what could have been...I am so very sad about it all, of course, but I also still have HOPE...I owe my  gratitude to God for giving me the strength, peace and grace to walk  through this craziness...I will rise above, and we will have a healthy baby one day....I will see my rainbow...


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