Saturday, May 11, 2013

Trigger day!

Today is trigger day!
I am trying to be as positive as possible, since I am feeling so out of control here with this cycle and how everything is working out...::deep breath:: so much riding on this month! ugh....

Ok- so here is a pic of the injects I will do today ( PIO not included- Dr. B wants me to wait till 5 dpo to start progesterone)
Fun, fun, right?!

My belly is already starting to look like a battle zone from the lovenox- lol I wont even dare disgust you with pics of that! LOL

Ok- so, this is it...No turning back now...Please God, let us have a miracle!


  1. 2 lovenox per day?! OMG I feel for you! You are a trooper!

    1. Yes yes, two a day! =)
      I did the trigger and neupogen today too so that makes 4 total in the belly for today! LOL-

    2. I bet the trigger shot feels like a walk in the park compared to that evil Lovenox. This crap better get us pregnant and keep us pregnant is all I'm saying! :)


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