Sunday, May 19, 2013


Today is 8 days past trigger- and 6/7 dpo. Feeling suuuuuuuuper TIRED! That could be due to being awake every 2 hours with the puppy, and the combo of massive amounts of

Tests today still have a faint line...I went looking through my book and all my other trigger cycles, my wondfo was like non existent on 8 days past- even when tweaked- This could be a better batch of tests though, so that could be the difference...Regardless, here is a snap shot of the regression//hopeful progression.
Here is my chart- Temps really high and pretty stable- 
Here is the link to my home page, in case anyone wants to stalk my stats after the fact

All in all, I am feeling pretty positive still....Having my new furbaby here to love on has distracted me a great deal! I am very grateful to have here here with us...She literally is PERFECT...
Here is a little pic of her sleeping! lol
Only two accidents in the house yesterday, and it was right after we got home, and she was still figuring out everything...Today, when she has to go, she sits tight at the back door, and waits, and I take her out, she goes every time!! Oh, and when I "baby talk" to her, she talks/barks back, and turns to a BIG mushy ball of love...LOL...=)

Other than that- Nothing really going on...Just trying to pass the time...I am starting to get the itch to pee on a stick every time I walk in the bathroom...Trying to hold off on the madness for another day or so...LOL...we will see how I do...

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  1. So hoping that line sticks around and starts getting darker for you very soon!


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