Thursday, May 30, 2013

follow up beta

Today's follow up beta was interesting- HCG went up to 22?...Progesterone is still 2.91- was 5 the other day....They want me to repeat again sat and up my progesterone dose...I guess they are being optimistic...I know better...This is def not good...beta of only 22 on 17 dpo  with low progesterone...After having days of positive tests...I have been through this same song and dance and both times it ended with shots of methotrexate, so I am reallllyyyyy praying things just take care of themselves before the week is over....If I have to stand in Church sunday next to the lady who just had a baby the same time I should have had my May angel baby, and still be in this limbo with a semi dead baby, possibly lodged in my tube, I am gonna lose it...

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