Friday, May 17, 2013

random updates- furbaby - trigger pics-

This post is going to be kind of "all over the place".  I am in a strange kind of mood where I cannot focus very well. I think the prednisone is kind of giving me a attitude-
Anyway, 6 days past trigger today, and 4 dpo, with O date being May 13th- per FF. I was going to manually override for O on the 12th, but honestly, I don't was somewhere in the middle of the two of those days- LOL

Feeling pretty good the last couple days- VERY crampy/pinchy around the ovaries etc- but all in all good- DH might disagree- He says I have been "testy" and "snippy"- ehh- maybe? ;)

In other news....

We are adopting a puppy!!! After looking for the last 6 weeks- We finally found the one we want, and we go to pick her up tomorrow morning!!! We are soooo thrilled and over the moon excited!! A Furbaby to love and cuddle!  Her name is Molly- She is a beagle/feist mix-
Here she is in a video- she is the lighter one of the two!

Hubby and the kids are soooo happy- they have been begging me for a dog for 3 years- and we have been planning/TTC that whole time for another baby, and so I held off, not wanting to "take on too much" should we get pregnant.... But, with this being our last shot/cycle at a baby, I figured, why not just try out murphy's law.... ;)

And with that, I leave you with my trigger pics from today!


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