Friday, May 3, 2013

Let the belly stabbing commence!

  Today, I start the second round of femara for this cycle, (since I did not respond well previously this cycle) and will be adding along with it, the follistim (FSH injects) to hopefully kick my ovaries into gear here and make some viable eggies to pop out...

  I have not done any stim injects before- clomid and femara are the strongest ovulation inducing meds  have ever taken, so this is a whole new level of crazy, along with the ever crazier and crazier immune protocols....

OK here we go!! I am about to look like miss blueberry in the movie willy wonka chocolate factory with all the bloating that ensues with these stims...It better be worth it!!!


  1. I hope the Follistim is going well! I never had any bloating from Gonal F and I was on pretty high dosage. The Ovidrel is what caused major bloating for me but it was short lived since it was only one day.

    I started Lovenox today for the first time (kinda going rogue using it on my own on the cycle leading up to our FET) and OH MY GOSH IT HURTS like an S.O.B! When do you begin your Lovenox during this cycle?

  2. I have started it anywhere from CD 3 to 3 days past ovulation. This cycle I will start the lovenox 40 mgs 2 x a day when I trigger. Hopefully we actually GET to trigger! LOL

    follistim isnt half bad honestly- bit of bloating but nothing terrible. though, today I am bloated

  3. Oh, I am so sure you will have had a great response to the Follistim! You already O on your own and become pregnant on your own, so this will just be a SUPER OVULATION for you!

    P.S. Not sure I will EVER get used to the Lovenox. I am a big baby, but it is the most horrible drug ever to take I must say. You'd think they could make this stuff in pill form. What up with that? ;)


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