Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hello TWW

Soooooo NICE to finally be in the TWW! I hate waiting to ovulate, and especially when it takes 27/28 freaking days to do so! =/

Feeling pretty good today- positive, and confident about our BD coverage...starting to get post O symptoms which is good, makes me believe those follies had eggs that released, so yay!

Here is my trigger pics for today- Tests go like this:
Top- 12 hrs post trig
2nd- 1 day past trig
3rd- 2 days past trig
4th- 3 days past trig
Its starting to fade  out now- which is about normal for me...Hopefully it wont go totally away, and just swing right into a blaring BFP in about 8 days!! =)

Oh yea, and I am not starting my progesterone till 5 dpo this time...Braverman said that starting it too early can swing the lining into being too luteal too soon, and cause issues with implantation...Which I thought was interesting to hear, but so totally different than the typical RE/OB protocols for progesterone supplementation in IVF/IUI and even natural cycles. typically the latest you hear it being started is the "3 dpo" rule of thumb- or if you do IUI/IVF you start the day of trigger- But anyway, I am willing to give it a shot- Heck, the least amount of days I have to poke my ass and leak progesterone out my vag, the better! NO complaints here!! 

So far, I have had NO side effects from the neupogen. I do feel the prednisone- but at 40 mgs a day, who wouldn't? Its not unbearable though- I am adjusting well. So far so good- we will see what the next few days bring...

I got a message from Braverman's Nurse to fill out a form I submitted to the Amgen safety net foundation med program for Neupogen help- Hopefully they will help me out, since my ins denied the IVIG and Neupogen...Otherwise, I have to hope and pray this Medpro RX program I signed up for (supposedly can get me Neupogen for 20 bucks a month- income based help program) isn't a scam....Ugh the joys of trying to get medications not covered my insurance that cost a freaking fortune!

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