Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Holy hell- Food poisoning sucks!

So I can't be TOTALLY sure- BUT, we went out to TGIFriday's and had a few appetizers and drinks- I was the only one who ate the shrimp on the platter thingy- (and only one to get sick) and I have never in my life, had the kind of pain I had yesterday, with a virus...I mean, it was like balls of fire with barbed wire on them rolling in my insides, followed by violent vomiting-

Back to the land of the living today, but ohhh man- I would not wish that on my worst enemy! That was rough!

Thursday- 7:30 am-
I go for clinic to get blood and u/s done- REALLLYYY praying we have some activity in there- I am getting so weary of this cycle! =/

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  1. Geez. Glad it was over in 24 at least. No fun. Hoping for a great u/s for you on Thursday!


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