Monday, May 13, 2013


OK! Here we go! Ovulation should have taken place anywhere from last night around 9pm to right now...I am def feeling the residuals of O pains...Realllyyyyy glad to be in the TWW finally, even if it is the day (cycle day freaking 28!) I should be testing, instead of O'ing! UGH!

Trigger pic below-
Ugly chart
One of my blogger friends challenged me to post a belly pic for those wondering what we go through when we do lovenox etc...

Ugly lovenox/inject bruised belly ( forgive the stretch marks etc)- this is only after a few days....If we get a sticky, I will be on Lovenox for 36 weeks- My butt looks similar after 2 weeks of PIO injects


  1. I am glad you posted your belly shot, because you deserve to whine a little about those damn shots!

    Your chart is looking awesome. You guys are BD champs!

    1. hahhaha that BD didnt come easy...Good grief, you would think I was asking for a stool sample or something and not just for him to bust a nut..LOL

  2. Look at those battle scars :) You are a warrior girl. I am rooting for you and praying for you the whole way. I am following your progress and I pray this will be the cycle that ends in that beautiful little bundle you have been longing for. xoxoxox Stay strong girl


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