Sunday, February 24, 2013

I realllllyyyy hope...

This is not the trigger screwing with me...


  1. Oh wow!! Can't wait to see tomorrow!

  2. How long does the trigger usually stay in your system? Hopefully its not the trigger =)

    1. mine is gone by 9/10 days each time. It varied from person to person, but that is why I test it out. I do a test morning and evening from the day of trigger till I dont see lines anymore. I stopped getting solid lines on 8 days past trigger...and then last night they started to seemingly fade back in. triggers can sometimes wax and wayne when leaving, but after the first 7 days, you wont get DARKER tests from them, if you have previous days to compare it to.

    2. Thanks Megz! If it wasn't for you doing this I probably wouldnt of started testing to make sure its out.;-)


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