Friday, February 22, 2013


Ugh...The dreadful part of the TWW....I always hate, hate, hate the days between 6 and 10 dpo...=/

The lines were suuuupppperrr light on the wondfo strips, and and the OSOM was a smidge lighter again...I wish the trigger would just go away already! LOL.
Chart is looking good though....Still, not really feeling all that hopeful...Just hoping for a miracle....

Here is my chart, and a test pic progression...


  1. I also can't stand the tww but for me the hardest part of ttc is waiting to O, it's the worst, especially when you know you aren't getting a positive HPT. Best of luck! New follower!

  2. Mine was finally white yesterday at 8dpiui. I wanna test but scared it'll stay white. I'm with ya babe!


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