Wednesday, February 13, 2013


This cycle is so much more boring, cause I am not being monitored, and have NO idea when O will happen, and I am just kind of waiting for the OPK's to get some action on them...I am def getting lines but no where near positive. I am however getting LOTS of EWCM, much earlier this cycle, than last, so that is GOOD!

I am sooooo ready for the TWW...I ordered some OSOM tests this time ( they are the VERY BEST, and use BLACK dye, so there is not "is it pink or not" crap), I am NOT fooling with FRER anymore, they are giving terrible indents due to the deep antibody strip they have now put in the tests...Bleh! I Also ordered 100 wondfo's just to satisfy my urge to POAS whenever I so desire. LOL

Other than that, nothing new...Still waiting on results from the immune panel, and counting down the days to my appt with Braverman.

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