Friday, February 15, 2013

Holy smokes!!!

I got DH's sperm analysis numbers in the mail today....
I now know why we get pregnant SO easy ( not that it matter if you cant stay pregnant...)....Oh my!

He had over a billion swimmers in his sample!  214 million sperm per ml, With a volume of 5.8 ml (total sample volume) that's 1,241,200,000 total.... Count, morph and motility were great, as was everything else. I was glad to hear it when the nurse called me last week to tell me all looked great, but it is even better to SEE the results! It gave DH a nice ego boost too ;)

For those who know how to read these, here are the exact numbers...

In other news...Still waiting on that + OPK...Lot's of cramps and CM, but OPK's are still no where near positive...So, I wait, and keep POAS...LOL...
That is about it...


  1. Where do you see billion? I just see 214 million? Just wondering what I'm missing.

    1. 214 million sperm per ml, With a volume of 5.8(total sample volume) that's 1,241,200,000 total.


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