Friday, February 22, 2013

I got some of them!!

I got some of the results from reprosource for my immune testing!! Of course, I do not know what hardly any of it really means in the big picture...I am waiting on some of my immune infertility guru's to look over the results and give me their educated opinion...Of course, Braverman will be the one that makes all the decisions as far as how to proceed with treatments, and what will be needed if anything, but I am just happy to have a few of the results on hand...I took some pics of the results, instead of trying to copy/type them back out and have it make sense...LOL...

I will post back in a bit when I get some feed back and do some research on the results...

OK, some basics, from what I can gather...

HLA means nothing right now, till I see DH's to compare...hopefully I can get those results next week...I am praying we have NO matches!

NK cell activity looks a little high.... could be a bit lower honestly... each RI's personal opinion on how how it should be based on % varies, based on the other blood test results...

 Good news, I don't have SLE (lupus) or other autoimmune diseases like scleroderma, Sjogren's, rheumatoid arthritis etc that are showing on labs....(another BIG yay!)

My TPO- Thyroid antibodies are positive, which I figured, with the Hashi's like flare I had last summer...My TPO were neg 3+ years ago though, so I am guessing with the onset of Hashi's also came the other immune crap that is causing the losses.

My T helper's are high-

My b cells are high-

My T-regs are low- Not sure what that even means...Here is a clip from Braverman's site about it..."

How Failure of Regulatory T Cell Functioning Causes Miscarriage

One of the ways in which immune tolerance is generated for an embryo is by the production of a special white blood cell called a regulatory T cell - also known as a T Regulator Cell (Treg). These begin to increase in number during the second half of the menstrual cycle in preparation for an expected pregnancy. Sperm entering the body also plays a part in the further development of these cells. The regulatory T cells go to the uterine lining and start to deactivate cells that would normally attack an invading embryo. They deactivate cells that would attack directly as well as those that would produce chemicals which cause inflammation and thus invite other immune cells to attack the area. Another issue they address it that of cells which "report" a foreign presence and thus cause the production of more cells to attack that tissue.
In these ways, regulatory T cells prevent the immune system from causing a rejection of the embryo. These cells also support these efforts by releasing chemicals that induce the formation of more regulatory T cells to assist with these protective measures. They also release an anti-inflammatory chemical to prevent inflammation from prompting an attack by the immune system. This same chemical also leads to the production of protective antibodies by the mother's B cells that further shield the embryo from the mother's immune system. As the body is designed to support pregnancies, it is when these mechanisms are not functioning correctly that multiple miscarriages can result."
And, I found some stuff on DR Beer's site- (here)

Lots more in here that I dint really understand....I am anxious to see what Braverman has to say!

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  1. I had different level limits when I was tested because it was more specific to Sher. NK cells had to be over 10%, but I thought for Braverman they were "high" if over 20% even if the actual limit is higher... Obviously he'll go over everything with you though! I'm excited to hear what he says and what your treatment plan will be. You've been through a lot! I think about you often and pray your miracle baby is coming soon! Good luck! :)


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