Monday, February 4, 2013

All good.

I got off the phone with Lj at reprosource and we are all set to go, and ready for testing wed morning. I am going to have to push it back a tad ( a half hour) just because the kit will not arrive until 10:30, and they want the dry ice there for the vials when they do the draw. DH will be with me for the draw as well, and he is also going to do a SA too that morning.

I have also decided to do the Femara this cycle (which I start tonight)...I MIGHT do the trigger upon a + OPK this cycle...Not sure yet....Here is hoping the testing will "scare" my body into submission and this month will give us a sticky!...Not likely, but can hope...If nothing else, at least I will be on my way to answers and hopefully a solution to all the losses...

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