Sunday, April 22, 2012

Yay! Crosshairs...Finally!

THAT was a LONG wait to ovulate! Holy cow. I have never been this delayed. even in the cycles after my D&E after out 19 week I am just shocked this last loss threw me off so much. I mean I knew it was a possibility, which was why I started charting after breaking for a few days. I had this funny feeling I would O late . Of course, out of all the cycle to be delayed! ugh! I am going to start prometrium tomorrow just for the sake of routine, so there is a good amount of lining to be shed when AF comes, so I get cleaned out well before the next real TTC cycle. I am going to really maximize every opportunity...Also, Incorporate the acupuncture.

It will be ssooooooo nice to put this cycle to rest in 9 or o days...And  just move on...I hate post loss cycles...I AM feeling really good since starting metofrmin though, so I am hoping between that and the med cocktail and tons of prayer,  this next month brings us a take home baby! I am sooo ready for this!! almost 14 months TTC, and many losses later, I just want to get our rainbow baby finally!

One day at a time...I know....

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