Thursday, April 26, 2012

Acupuncture today!

Today I go for my fist acupuncture appt! I cannot wait!!!!! I need some relaxation for sure! I  will be sure to update and let you all know what she says and what the game plan is...
Also, My chart is looking so freaking amazing!!! Temps are higher than EVER before! I was so stoked to see my temp this morning!!  Of course I know it means nothing...I could have a beautiful chart and still get nadda....Not that I would be totally crushed anyway, sine we had wanted to abstain this month anyway, but got to carried away to stick to it! ha! still, a part of me hopes that this would be "IT" and we snag a take home baby when I least expect it, on a whacky late O cycle after m.c....yea...I am def dreaming! LOL....Don't wake me just yet though....

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