Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Another great day!!

Yesterday was such a great day! I felt good all day long, got a LOT accomplished, and got some really great news about some things we have been praying for in regards to my children's school...I also got my roof fixed  (LONG over due!)!

Today Has started out really good too! I have dinner plans with some amazing ladies, and beautiful friends this evening,  and made plans to see an amazing worship leader Kathrine Mullins for Friday eve and I have my accu  treatment set for Thursday! Yay!!...This whole week has come together so nicely!!

Then I decide to go to wal mart and pick up my RX for estrace and prometrium...I was fully prepared to shell out the 60 bucks for my RX, like normal...BUT to my surprise, I get up there, they scan my meds and I only owe 7 bucks!?? I was shocked, and even asked if there was a mistake!? They then informed me that they now carry a generic for prometrium!!!! heck yea!!!!!!! That totally made my day!!
LOL...I know it sounds silly, but It was really cool....So i decided to celebrate and take the  money i was going to spend on my RX and buy a couple new shirts! LOL
Yup...this week seems to be going so well! I am praying the trend keeps up!

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  1. Glad you had a good day. I hope the trend continues you have even more reason to celebrate soon!


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