Thursday, April 5, 2012

Exploring my options...

Ok Plan B.

Since I cannot afford to see the reproductive immunologist, and I cannot afford to pay out of pocket for a monitored cycle with the RE along side meds, I am going to try my very best to meet somewhere in the middle.

So I booked 4 appts for this Month/early next month. One with my primary physician for a yearly physical to be sure my general health is good to go, one for my annual OB/pap appt, one with my RE to go over the plan for the next medicated cycle where I will also be demanding the addition of levonox or heprin for any subsequent pregnancies and a boost in my progesterone supplementation, and one with a acupuncturist. I am hoping to walk away with at least a little bit of hope for the future here...I am so sick of DR's who just push me into IVF...I can GET pregnant JUST FINE it is staying that way that seems to be hard. So, i'll play the game, make all my  yearly appts, to be sure I am in tip top shape, and then head to the acupuncturist. I had a coupon for a free consult and decided what the heck. I had used  a girl back a couple years ago at the end of my pregnancy with kate, due to having had my pelvic bone separate, and being in severe pain. It realllllllly helped for the pain, so I am praying it can jump start my body back where it needs to be fertility wise. I have heard many women go for accu, and walk away with a take home baby, so why not give it a shot It will cost some out of pocket, but not nearly as much up front all at once..I also decided to alter my vitamin/supp list a bit and modify it some.

As of right now, I am taking :
5000IU D3
1200mcg Folic acid
300 mgs Co-Q10
1000IU vit E
2000 mg Fish oil
500mgs magnesium
And, 80,000 units of serrepeptase a day on empty stomach.
one baby aspirin a day
and my thyroid meds.

 All this stuff, along with tons of prayer and support....More prayer and more prayer...

I KNOW in my heart God is FOR me, and is out for my best, but it can be SO hard to not buckle under the pressure of grief and resort to "How could you do this to me God!!!??" frame of mind...I am going to battle with every ounce of me to keep my heart trusting in HIM at all times...But I know this is going to be hard....I have never been more afraid in all my life of having this happen again...I really want to come to the place where no matter what I have peace. I cannot seem to grasp it on my own, so super naturally God needs to pour bucket loads down on me here so I can make it through the next few weeks...

To top it off April 24th is one of my  EDD's  for the Angel we lost in august. so I am naturally pretty upset, and feeling bummed that we are still here empty handed and with a empty belly, waiting....Please God, help me...I need strength.

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  1. I love acupuncture! I've heard of a ton of women who have gotten and stayed pregnant with it. Good luck to you! Still praying for you!


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